Monday, November 17, 2014

My Week in Pictures | November 7th 14- November 13th 14

Friday November 7th

I bused down to Bondi Beach to see sculptures by the sea. It was a really hot day!

Saturday November 8th

Went on my first boat party! Amazing views and a great time with friends :) 

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Sunday November 9th

Spent the earrrly hours of Sunday morning wandering around downtown Sydney

Monday November 10th

My sister posted a picture of my family back home in Canada! Missing them...

Tuesday November 11th

Everything is becoming routine now. Had the normal day of drop offs, shopping, cleaning, and play. Spending most of my evenings working on my novel. (And eating ice cream! )

Wednesday November 12th

Spend the day with the little girl. We made frozen cupcakes, watched frozen, and played frozen dress up! Perfect :)

Thursday November 13th

The snapchat says it all. Free anything is a win for me. Add me on snapchat to follow all the random moments of my life :) Pandora55

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