Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Week in Pictures | November 21th 14- November 27th 14

Friday November 21st

I saw Monkingjay. It was amazing, cried twice. Katniss will forever inspire me.

Saturday November 22nd

Went to Glenworth Valley for an AMAZING day of horseback riding and quad biking. It was a big Au Pair group and we had so much fun.

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Sunday November 23rd

Day at the local 'baths' planning my Australia bucket list.

Monday November 24th

I learned than games are region locked in Australia... and finally got to play Pokemon by buying it through the Nintendo e-store.

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Tuesday November 25th

Took the girl to a giant pool. Such a fun way to spend the morning.

Wednesday November 26th

A rather sad day, and I had to break into Kate's open when letters for the first time.

Thursday November 27th

I organized a book shelf #supernanny #justkidding

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