Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Week in Pictures | December 12th 14- December 18th 14

Friday December 12th 

I went to the Twilight food fair. It was really nice, relaxed. They had wonderful live carols playing.

Saturday December 13th 

I went for a walk and did some writing, then babysat at night.

Sunday December 14th 

How NOT to box dye your hair is up on our YouTube. It's a flashback to before I left when I forced Kate into dying her hair blonde.

Monday December 15th 

Another normal day of shopping and laundry! 10 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!

Tuesday December 16th 

The little girl and I went to Dee Why beach, although it was a little cold and windy! 

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Wednesday December 17th 

I worked on another YouTube video about a great fun gift! The Jack Horner Pie! Check out how to make one HERE!

Thursday December 18th 

I went to a faraway mall ( AND I'M PRETTY SURE I LOST MY CAMERA :( ) My day got even worse when I got lost and drove over the harbor bridge and ended up in Sydney during rush hour! So stressful.

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