Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Week in Pictures | December 5th 14- December 11th 14

Friday December 5th

We went to this super fun toboggan park, and went zipping down this long metal slide on a sled.  I even got to play in the bouncy castle!

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Saturday December 6th 

We drove home! I spent the day relaxing inside. The drawing I was working on isn't complete. So here's my drawing of Rey from the Star Wars the Force Awakens ( BEYOND EXCITED)

Sunday December 7th

We had some crazy storms across Sydney. I love storms. The little girl and I spent some time watching them out of the window!

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Monday December 8th 

Got a lovely postcard from my Aunt! Very nice :) My host kid really liked the orca whales on it!

Tuesday December 9th 

Went to the library for dinosaur book reading and crafts!

Wednesday December 9th 

Skyped with this greasy bastard

Thursday December 11th 

Filmed our newest YouTube video. How to make a Jack Horner Pie. A fun unique group Christmas gift :)

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