Monday, January 12, 2015

My Week in Pictures | December 26th 14- January 1st 15

Friday December 26th 

I was still quite sick, so I spent the day watching The Walking Dead and doodling.

Saturday December 27th

Went outside to go to the doctor. The only good part about that trip was I found this awesome bag for half off. (By the way if you would like to see daily snaps of my adventures in Australia add @pandora55 )

Sunday December 28th 

Desperately trying to get better for my trip to Brisbane I stayed in... again! At least I was productive editing YouTube videos

Monday December 29th 

Guess what I did? That's right popped cold pills and stayed in bed! My rest time today was drawing Rey from Star War episode 7!

Tuesday December 30th 

Leaving for Brisbane tomorrow, and after very sadly losing my own camera, I went to the mall and bought myself a new one! Merry Christmas to me!

Wednesday December 31th 

Took a early morning flight to Brisbane from Sydney then spent the day at Wet'n'Wild.  Spoiler: Fell asleep and missed NYE! :(

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Thursday January 1st

Laughing off missing NYE we spent the day at MOVIE WORLD! It reminded me a lot of Universal Studios. Was lots of fun!

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