Monday, January 12, 2015

My Week in Pictures | January 2nd 15- January 8th 15

Friday January 2nd


Explored the Gold Coast and found this awesome water park. We were the only one's for the last session so we had the whole course to ourselves! The lifeguards who had to stay may not have been so happy, but we had a blast.

Saturday January 3rd

We explored Brisbane during the day, then spent the night on the Gold Coast making up for falling asleep on NYE.

Sunday January 4th

Didn't arrive home to 8am. I got to see Surfers Paradise in the morning, which was awesome. Then I flew home to Sydney that night. (Snapchat @pandora55 )

Monday January 5th

Missed this little person so much! Plus her mom made her a Star Wars skirt, so she was pretty much the coolest kid in pre-school, ever!

Tuesday January 6th

Spent the day catching up on personal work. Have you seen our How to Edit your Novel video?

Wednesday January 7th

Concentrating on my art portfolio. My subject of choice, is of course, Egypt.

Thursday January 8th

Skyped with Kate! Planning her trip out here in May. We promise we'll have tons of fun adventures for you guys!

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