Friday, January 16, 2015

My Week in Pictures | My Week in Pictures | January 9th 15- January 15th 15

Friday January 9th

I went to an outdoor movie where I watched Mockingjay!

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Saturday January 10th

Spent the day wondering around the city. Great views of the Opera House from the Botanic Gardens.

Sunday January 11th

Had a relaxing lazy Sunday, and worked on this video! :)

Monday January 12th

I downloaded the new app storie! If you have it add us @leahkatewrite Also comment your storie name below and we'll check you out!

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Tuesday January 13th

Cleaned up! And we found Captain Barnacles who had be lost forever! #AuPairLife

Wednesday January 14th

The little girl went to the mall where they had they really fun craft project! Painted a pony together. <3

Thursday January 15th

Because I've been living under rock I finally saw Big Hero 6!  It was really good! The animation was amazing. I particularity enjoyed the short in the beginning.

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