Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Week in Pictures | April 10th 15-April 16th 15

Friday April 10th

Reading at my favorite little park!

Saturday April 11th

I need a glass slipper in my life.

Sunday April 12th

Spent a lazy Sunday exploring Sydney and getting ice cream.

Monday April 13th

Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones!

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Tuesday April 14th

So I may have drained the battery of my car running the air conditioner....

Wednesday April 15th

New YouTube video! Yeah it's a little late.

Thursday April 16th

I hate that it's becoming cold! Sunny days are much appreciated!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Things Writers can Learn from Game of Thrones

1. Deal Your Characters the Worst Hand — and watch how they bloom (or buckle!) under the pressure. Common writing advice is to never give our characters a break, but how many of us actually do it? It’s time to take out your frustration and make your characters the punching bag. Think about the very worst thing that could happen to your characters and do it. Jaime Lannister got his sword-hand chopped off, Sansa Stark was forced to marry into the family that killed her parents, Jon Snow had to live with the Wildlings to save the wall. Figure out what your character’s greatest fear is and exploit.

2. Say Goodbye in the Most Permanent Way — G.R.R. Martin is notoriously known as the Character-Killer, and he does it will pizazz. But don’t go lobbing off your character’s heads off willy-nilly. There has to be a reason that moves the story forward. Ned Stark’s death was one of the most brutal and mind-blowing in the series, but his death was a catalyst for the rest of the series.

3. Repetition Rocks — Catchphrases and repeated prose are a great way to help create the world and give your book a tone that’s uniquely yours. Repeated phrases can not be used to create an important motif in the book, but they can also be a way to tie your reader into the world. Winter is coming, the night is dark and full of terrors, a Lannister always pays his debts: these are all GOT signatures that are not only important to the story, but are also fun to say at parties!

4. Environment Can be a Character — The Song of Fire and Ice books are rich in detailed descriptions of setting and environment. From the cold of Winterfell, to the stifling city of King’s Landing, to even objects such as the Wall: these environments have description and backstory which make them seem like a character all of their own. This makes Westeros feel alive.

5. There’s No Such Thing as Heroes and Villains — One of the most amazing things about A Song of Ice and Fire is your never truly sure who you’re rooting for…the characters are so distinctly fleshed out that it’s hard to name one as truly heroic and truly villainous. Sure, there’s the consistently valiant Jon Snow, and the insane Joffrey, but name any other character, from Tyrion to the Hound to Arya Stark, and you’ll find a long list of noble and despicable things on their resumes. By making your characters flawed and morally-struggling, it can help the reader relate to them, and make your antagonist a more varied and realistic character.

6. BONUS: Sometimes a prologue can work. Martin does a prologue right. He adds a completely different layer to the first chapter, as well as sets up a plot line for the entire series.

My Week in Pictures | April 3rd 15-April 9th 15

Friday April 3rd

We made homemade doughnuts.

Saturday April 4th

Went out for drinks in Manley for the first time!

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Sunday April 5th

Happy Easter Sunday :) :)

Monday April 6th

This was delicious, but it was also $20.... 
I just don't know.

Tuesday April 7th

I'm scoop'in out the veggie food for when Kate arrives.

Wednesday April 8th

We got a library card! 

Thursday April 9th

Another productive writing day. I lovvvve writing kissing scenes <3 <3

My Week in Pictures | March 27th 15-April 2nd 15

Friday March 27th

I finally saw Cinderella. Plus it was girls night out at Hoyts so Cinderella and the Prince were there!

Saturday March 28th

Spent the day at beautiful Rose Bay
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Sunday March 29th

I think I found a pretty amazing reading spot.

Monday March 30th

Dumped out warm towels and the cat is there in two seconds.

Tuesday March 31st

Uhh, Sydney how are you snowing?

Wednesday April 1st

I can't believe it's April! I've been in Australia for 5 months! Time is flying.

Thursday April 2nd

Went to the Easter Show. Not going to lie, it kinda made me want to live in the Harvest Moon universe.

My Week in Pictures | March 20th 15- March 26th 15

Friday March 20th

Went scooter snorkeling.

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Saturday March 21st

City Beaches

Sunday March 22nd

Jane and Anubis <3 <3

Monday March 23rd

New YouTube video of my adventure to Glenworth Valley.

Tuesday March 24th

An Aussie Classic.

Wednesday March 25th

We went to Luna Park where we met Captain Barnacles.

Thursday March 26th

Easter cards in the mail :)

My Week in Pictures | March 13th 15- March 19th 15

Friday March 13th

Started getting ready for the little girl's Frozen Birthday party! The cat helped.

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Saturday March 14th

Successful Frozen Birthday Party!

Sunday March 15th

It's a carrot cake and writing day.

Monday March 16th

Way back to one of our first stories!

Tuesday March 17th

Look who turned 4 today!

Wednesday March 18th

Beach day at Balmoral!

Thursday March 19th

Cuddle movie time with stuffies!

My Week in Pictures | March 6th 15- March 12th 15

Friday March 6th

I saw Jupiter's Acceding. It' really wasn't as bad as everyone said. In fact, it was just a fun Sci-Fi.

Saturday March 7th

Went to 'The Grounds' and had some of the most amazing food.

Sunday March 8th

Another beautiful northern Sydney beach. Freshwater beach. 


Monday March 9th

New YouTube video is up. Targona Zoo.

Tuesday March 10th

Lots of free time as an AuPair so I don't always do interesting thing. Lot's of writing. So here's our main character Jane.

Wednesday March 11th

I drew Elsa and Anna for the little girl!

Thursday March 12th

This has been a week of extreme writing. So here's another drawing of our little scientist Jane. Write. Write. Write.