Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Week in Pictures | March 6th 15- March 12th 15

Friday March 6th

I saw Jupiter's Acceding. It' really wasn't as bad as everyone said. In fact, it was just a fun Sci-Fi.

Saturday March 7th

Went to 'The Grounds' and had some of the most amazing food.

Sunday March 8th

Another beautiful northern Sydney beach. Freshwater beach. 


Monday March 9th

New YouTube video is up. Targona Zoo.

Tuesday March 10th

Lots of free time as an AuPair so I don't always do interesting thing. Lot's of writing. So here's our main character Jane.

Wednesday March 11th

I drew Elsa and Anna for the little girl!

Thursday March 12th

This has been a week of extreme writing. So here's another drawing of our little scientist Jane. Write. Write. Write.

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