Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Week in Pictures | May 8th 15-May 14th 15

Friday May 8th

Hung out with this girl in the warm autumn sunshine :)

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Saturday May 9th

Drove up to Jenolan caves! Super cool! They were so big. The one we went in had an underground lake!

Sunday May 10th

Reading by the ocean <3

Monday May 11th

It's Mother's Day in Canada! <3

Tuesday May 12th

Sick with a gross cold all day! Stayed inside, watched TV, and died...

Wednesday May 13th

The kid and I were both a little sick. We headed out to the park in the morning, then went to Cinderella and got some ice cream, then relaxed with ipad games in arvo.

Thursday May 14th

Check out the beautiful blue mountains on our newest Vlog :)

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