Sunday, May 17, 2015

Horseback Riding and Quad Biking Australia!

This was one of my first real adventures in Australia. I saw on an AuPair Facebook book page a group of AuPair who wanted to go horseback riding. So I decided to join them. The plan was to do horseback riding and then Wuad biking.

Glenworth valley is about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Sydney. It was my first solo drive on a major Australian highway. But wow, Glenworth Valley was beautiful!

I arrived at Glenworth stables and meet up with the other AuPairs. They were all German except for one girl who was from Italy.  

There was a really large stable that had at least 50 horses on it. It was finally time to start riding and they lead us into the stable. I got paired with the BIGGEST horse I've ever seen. Her name was Dory, and I had to be boosted up by the rancher. I've rode horses before, but not very much, and being up on top of Dory was a little frightening to say the least. 

We learned the basic commands, such as pull back to slow, and how to turn, and stop. 

The ride itself was very nice. I talked a lot to our guide who was super friendly. She told me all about their horses and the stable. Apparently Dory is a senior horse in the group, and one of the most gentle. Even children ride her. 

The trail itself was very beautiful, with lots of bush. I could defiantly tell the difference between an Australian and the trails on Vancouver island.

We weren’t allowed to take photos on the horse—they want to avoid a horse bolting mid selfie.
We stopped at a river and the horses started to paw the water which was really funny. 
They also took pictures of us. Which was quite nice.

I really enjoyed the ride back because I got to gallop! That was so much fun.

Overall I really enjoyed horseback riding and it's something I would love to do more of in Australia. I would for sure recommend the company; there were professional, knowledgeable, and lots of fun!

We had a couple hour break between horseback riding and quad biking. So we had some lunch and I got to know the other AuPairs.

After lunch was Quad Biking. Now I've never been quad biking before... 

It was a little scary at first. But before we even got out on the track we had to complete a series of different driving maneuvers. Definite flashbacks to driving tests in school.

Once we all completed the test we got to go out on the trail. It was a lot of fun bumping up and down on the road. We eventually got to a little race track where you could go around and around as fast as you wanted over little hills and tight corners.

I may have had to pull over a couple times to let people pass me.

Overall it was a great adventurous day!

Don't forget to check out the VIDEO of this adventure :)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Week in Pictures | May 8th 15-May 14th 15

Friday May 8th

Hung out with this girl in the warm autumn sunshine :)

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Saturday May 9th

Drove up to Jenolan caves! Super cool! They were so big. The one we went in had an underground lake!

Sunday May 10th

Reading by the ocean <3

Monday May 11th

It's Mother's Day in Canada! <3

Tuesday May 12th

Sick with a gross cold all day! Stayed inside, watched TV, and died...

Wednesday May 13th

The kid and I were both a little sick. We headed out to the park in the morning, then went to Cinderella and got some ice cream, then relaxed with ipad games in arvo.

Thursday May 14th

Check out the beautiful blue mountains on our newest Vlog :)

My Week in Pictures | May 1st 15-May 7th 15

Friday May 1st

Editing our novel! Keep up with us on snapchat! @pandora55 and @thekateskers

Saturday May 2nd

Caught up with my bestie T-Swift at the wax museum!

Sunday May 3rd

They don't make poutines like they do in Canada...

Monday May 4th

May the Fourth Be With You

Tuesday May 5th

Mom found this gem around our house. Looks like Kate's always been annoying..

Wednesday May 6th

Girls night. Hoyts. Pitch Perfect 2. Perfection.

Thursday May 7th

Just got to the coffee shop and my blue tooth keyboard died! Luckly it was mostly reading work!

My Week in Pictures | April 24th 15-April 30th 15

Friday April 24th

Last night with one of my good friends here as she head along her travels!

Saturday April 25th

Saw The Avengers in Lux cinema! So great!

Sunday April 26th


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Monday April 27th

Kate's Birthday! I drew her this Frozen Fever inspired picture!

Tuesday April 28th

Another day of #AuPairLife

Wednesday April 29th

We went to the library-- it was Pirate day!

Thursday April 30th

New very Australian vlog up on YouTube!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Week in Pictures | April 17th 15-April 23rd 15

Friday April 17th

She sort of hinders my work a lot.

Saturday April 18th

Went down to the iconic Luna Park!

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Sunday April 19th

Wandered around downtown Sydney. Went to Pancakes on the Rocks... didn't get pancakes. Biggest mistake of my life.

Monday April 20th

Edited some vlogs today! Check out Tobogganing in Australia!

Tuesday April 21st

Rey chibi from the new Star Wars. How many months now??

Wednesday April 22nd

We had a big day and she was all tuckered out!

Thursday April 23rd

I made my host kid Mermaid Elsa and Anna!